Hoosier tyre test report

Posted on: August 11th 2023    •    Posted in: General News

Recently Sports 2000 conducted a tyre test to evaluate Hoosier tyres as a possible tyre manufacturer / supplier for UK Duratec and Historic Championships from 2024.

Back in 2022 Yokohama introduced significant price increase for our tyres in 2023 and gave notice that our front tyres may be dis-continued within the next two few seasons. Hence an initial review has been conducted to identify alternate tyre suppliers for our championships.

Post Covid the tyre industry, especially motorsport tyres have been significantly impacted by increase in raw material and freight costs. And within UK Motorsport tyre community there have been a number of tyre company mergers, closures and rationalisations which have challenged our research.

It was therefore with some relief that, thanks to BMTR, we were able to arrange a test of Hoosier tyres at Donington Park on the Grand Prix layout. The weather was dry and somewhat cool as both Chris Snowdon of CSR (Historic Championship front runner and preparation guru) with his Tiga SC81 and Josh Law, Duratec champion (2022) in his Duratec MCR S2N car arrived ready & keen to saple the Hoosier tyres.

During our tyre test both Bias Ply and Radial tyres were evaluated. The tyres performed well on both cars and, importantly, the drivers were impressed with both types of tyres.

SRCC and now in discussion with both Yokohama and BMTR/Hoosier and plan to be in a position to make a decision on our tyre selection for 2024 before October 2023.