Sports 2000 Historic Pinto Championship

The championship is a dedicated series for Sports 2000 cars built between 1976 and the end of 1982. It captures the spirit of the past and the cars remain true to the period.

Eligibility is based on the Sports 2000 technical regulations. The original 1977 series featured many of the major British sports prototype race car manufacturers such as Lola, Tiga, March, Chevron and Royale and is fondly remembered for well-known sports car racers of the time such as James Weaver, Howden Ganley and Divina Galicia.

Historic racing has attracted a huge amount of support in the last few years, resulting in race cars of ‘provenance’ commanding very high prices. These historic Sports 2000 cars still remain relatively affordable today, but as the cars become more sought after prices are likely to increase.

How can I get involved in Historic Pinto Racing?

There is probably no substitute for coming along to one of our meetings and talking to any one of us involved in the championship.

The sense of camaraderie in the paddock is something we are very proud of and we would be delighted to give you any help we can to get you involved. In the meantime don’t hesitate to contact us via email or our contact form.

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