Creative Funding Solutions Sports 2000 Championship run two championships: Duratec and   Historic (Pinto).

Whatever your level of competitiveness we aim to make the whole experience fun, fair and safe. See the events page for list of event dates and how to register.

Duratec Championship

Sports 2000 Duratec with its modern engine packs a 200bhp punch, enough to give lap times far quicker than machinery twice the power and twice the cost.
It can do this thanks to a standard off the shelf engine giving 100% reliability and a genuine race engineered chassis.
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Historic (Pinto) Championship

Sports 2000 Historic (Pinto), a truly classic formula. From its birth in 1977, the Pinto engine and the regulations surrounding the power plant has fundamentally not changed.
The original 1977 series featured many of the major British sports prototype race car manufacturers such as Lola, Tiga, March, Chevron and Royale and is fondly remembered for well-known sports car racers of the time such as James Weaver, Howden Ganley and Divina Galicia.
This has given tremendous stability to the S2 Pinto formula as well as ensuring longevity for the cars and minimal running costs, keeping true to the initial creation ethos of affordable sports racing for the club racer.
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