Sports 2000 Pinto Championship

Sports 2000 Pinto, a truly classic formula. From its birth in 1977, the Pinto engine and the regulations concerning the power plant have fundamentally not changed.

This has given tremendous stability to the S2 Pinto formula as well as ensuring longevity for the cars and minimal running costs, keeping true to the initial creation ethos of affordable sports racing for the club racer.

The Pinto car runs at about 138 bhp and so is ideal for the novice racer to take his/her first steps into sports car racing, and each year Sports 2000 attracts novice drivers into the formula. Having said that, the Pinto-powered S2 is no slouch lapping Brands at under 50 seconds.

In their day, chassis were made by virtually all of the top racing car manufacturers including Lola, Van Diemen, Carbir, Tiga, Royale, March, Shannon, Chevron, Ginetta, Swift, Crossle, Reynard and Shrike, and minor manufacturers such as Motus, Robinson, Martin etc.

Sports 2000 in the 80’s was popular in many other countries but especially so in the USA, Sweden and Germany. The number of cars produced totalled almost 1000. The upside of this is that most parts are readily available either as second-hand spares or newly produced from jigs that have been made to support all these marques.

The thrill of racing such a diverse grid of iconic sports cars is second to none.

The Pinto championship is open to Pinto engined S2 cars built after 1982.

How can I get involved in Pinto Racing?

There is probably no substitute for coming along to one of our meetings and talking to any one of us involved in the championship.

The sense of camaraderie in the paddock is something we are very proud of and we would be delighted to give you any help we can to get you involved. In the meantime don’t hesitate to contact us via email or our contact form.

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