Suspension of the 2021 Enduro Championship

Posted on: February 6th 2021    •    Posted in: General News

It is with great regret that we have taken the decision to cancel this year’s visit to Spa.

Brexit and the resulting new travel arrangements could add approximately £500 to the cost of each driver heading to our planned Spa race, with much higher costs for multi-car teams. We have been lobbying Motorsport UK over this and are optimistic that eventually this anomaly will be addressed for clubs like ourselves. However this is unlikely to be sorted out this year.

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In addition the continuing impact of the pandemic means travel to Europe is shrouded in uncertainty for the foreseeable future. Consequently the Directors have decided to postpone the visit to Spa and suspend the Enduro Championship for 2021.

This decision has been taken very reluctantly but with the best interests of the Club in mind. Even when sharing the grid with our Dutch friends at YTCC our financial exposure would have been around £10k. This alone could jeopardise the whole of our next domestic season and it was decided that this was too great a risk to take. The European event has been a popular and hugely enjoyable feature of Sports 2000 racing for many years and we intend to re-introduce it next season. In the meantime apologies for having to disappoint everyone who was planning for Spa but we hope the decision will be understood albeit reluctantly.

The Oulton Park 50 minute race will now become a round of the Club Championships but with an option for two drivers to share a car for the event.